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Our commitment to safety for the community is unmatched, and our dedication to convenience for our customers is unrivaled. We strive to exceed all of our clients’ expectations through professionalism, proficiency, and efficiency. Our primary mission is to keep you on the road while ensuring that you comply with all current California DMV requirements.

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We are the exclusive distributor of the best interlocking device on the market in California, the B.E.S.T Labs Inc. FR 9000 Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device. Though it’s understandable not to get too excited about something you don’t want in the first place, it’s safe to assume you want the most comfortable device on the market. Unlike other companies’ devices, there is no warm-up time, whatsoever. You merely just “blow and go.”
With our device, you do not need to hum nor suck into the machine as you could do with other devices. Besides, our equipment won’t ever lock you out of your vehicle. Our new units even have a built-in motion detector to help prevent violations due to missed rolling retests. In short, our device makes this easy. To make things even easier, we come to you to install your IID anywhere in Southern California.


When you lease one of our devices, you will never pay more than your quote. All our price quotes will include the following:

  • Installation
  • Remote Calibration
  • Removal
  • Tech Support
  • All Lockout Codes/Service Codes/Extension Codes
  • Taxes
  • Insurance On The Device

Other companies will try to get you in the door with a “teaser” monthly rate and then add on costs with their expensive lockout codes and calibrations. They might even threaten to report you to the courts and the DMV if you ever blow any alcohol into their device. At Golden State Interlock, we are on your side. We are not your probation officer, and we are not your parents. We are just your above-average company here to help you get through the justice system, place you safely behind the wheel and put you back on the roads of southern California with the least amount of stress humanly possible.


Our customer service is second to none. We cater to your every need, question, or concern for hours that far exceed our competition. We pride ourselves in easing your way through this challenging process. We understand that it’s not the fun kind of rollercoaster ride that you’re on, but a large part of our job is to decrease your stress levels by making everything simple for you.

We are a smaller company and only have four employees in the central office, but that allows us to know each one of our customers on a personal level. When one of our customers calls us, we know them by name. To make things easier, we provide our individual cell phone numbers to our customers so that they can avoid dealing with hold times and reception. We try to stay ready and available for our customers as much as we can as we have one of our people work after hours each day and another work throughout the weekend. If you don’t speak English, we will transfer you to one of three employees that are fluent in Spanish.

So if Johnny Smithfield from Silverlake wants to text one of our agents on their cell phones in Spanish via text message at 6:00 pm on a Sunday, we will try to text Johnny back at 6:01 pm in Spanish from one of our cellular phones.

There is a reason we have five stars on Yelp — we do our best to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience while also guaranteeing our work and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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Professional Installation at a Locations Near You


We provide Mobile Installation for all of Southern California. Installation usually takes about 45 minutes, however, if you have a push button vehicle like a Prius, it may take up to an hour and a half. The device cannot shut off your car once it is turned on. The device is hooked up to the starter and battery of your vehicle, not your ignition. We have installed our machine on the latest models of Maserati, Tesla, Land Rover, and other high-end cars. If you have a new car, you do not have the “luxury” to trust every device on the market. Protect your vehicle, go with a proven company who will always support you. Go with Golden State Interlock.”


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